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top 5 richest people

The total wealth of billionaires actually fell to $12.7 trillion this year, down from a record $13.1 trillion in the 2021 list. Also managing to make money amid the stock market turmoil was hedge fund king Ken Griffin. The Citadel Capital CEO has seen his net worth jump by $8.29 billion, to $29.6 billion, putting him 40th on the list. The 50 richest people in the world — among them Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos — lost a total of more than half a trillion dollars in 2022.

Who is the richest top 5 people in the world?

  • Jeff Bezos – $133.4 billion.
  • Bill Gates – $122.4 billion.
  • Warren Buffet – $100.9 billion.
  • Gautam Adani and family – $97.2 billion.
  • Mukesh Ambani – $96.6 billion.
  • Larry Ellison – $95.9 billion.
  • Larry Page – $95.0 billion.
  • Sergey Brin – $91.4 billion.

Shipping heir Else Helene Sundt is worth around NOK 8.7 billion thanks to savvy investments. His fortunes improved over the last 12 months though, as his wealth recovered to NOK 30 billion. Real estate investor Tollefsen is worth an estimated NOK 38.5 billion, up from 29 billion in 2020.

The richest Young People from Anambra; a State touted with the highest number of millionaires in Nigeria

The country’s government was given a 30-day grace period to cover $78 million in unpaid interest, but ultimately failed to pay. The U.S. median household income is $67,500, meaning that today the typical family could only afford a home in about 15 of the 50 metro areas highlighted above, including New Orleans, Buffalo, and Indianapolis. Additionally, if you’re looking for luxury, not even seven figures will get you much in the big cities. In Miami, a million dollars will only buy you 833 square feet of prime real estate. Meanwhile, some of the cheapest cities to start buying up real estate in are Oklahoma City and Cleveland.

Who is a trillionaire?

It was in fact Jeff Bezos who was set to become the first trillionaire. However, he is now forecasted to reach US$1.06 trillion in 2030, six years behind Musk in sixth place. Gautam Adani and Zhang Yiming are anticipated to be the next to amass more than US$1 trillion after Musk, according to the study.

Full BioDan Moskowitz is a freelance financial writer who has 4+ years of experience creating content for the online reading market. Paramount shares are slipping after the company received a downgrade by JPMorgan. Google first built its search engine but repeatedly redefined technology with developments in GPS mapping and translation. This, in turn, led to the creation of one of the largest platforms for advertising in the world — to the good fortune of Page.

Ten Czechs and Slovaks listed in Forbes ranking of world’s billionaires

He made his fortune in the 1990’s after founding, along with four partners, Motoinvest, specializing in the hostile takeovers of companies during the Czech Republic’s privatization program. In the trivia section, Radovan Vitek owns an 260-acre estate in England that used to belong to former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Bezos also founded Blue Origin, an aerospace company with ambitions to provide private human space travel, in 2000, and he purchased The Washington Post in 2013.

Shares of Google soared almost 50% in 2021, moving Page and Brin up the billionaire list. Page’s net worth went from just below $52 billion in March 2020 to the current $105 billion. An engineer by training, Arnault first showed his business acumen while working for his father’s construction firm, Ferret-Savinel, taking charge of the company in 1971. He converted Ferret-Savinel to a real estate company named Férinel Inc. in 1979.

Elsewhere on the list

He has a bachelor’s degree in business and entrepreneurship, as well as over five years of investing experience. The foundation supports global health initiatives around the world, including improving global sanitation and working to eradicate diseases such as Malaria and Aids. Gates made his fortune through the software company Microsoft, which he co-founded with Paul Allen in 1975. The couple have five children, with four of them – Frédéric, Delphine, Antoine and Alexandre, working in the family business. He broke into the industry in 1985 after using $15 million from his father’s business to buy Christian Dior. The company began by selling books, but by the early 2000s it had expanded offering things from electronics to furniture and toiletries. A trillionaire is an individual with a net worth of more than one trillion in U.S. dollars or another similarly valued currency.

  • A record 1,210 billionaires made the 2011 list, representing a combined wealth of $4.5 trillion, up from $3.6 trillion the previous year.
  • Vietnam’s Phạm Nhật Vượng was the first person from that country to be included in this list.
  • Shares of Google soared almost 50% in 2021, moving Page and Brin up the billionaire list.
  • In 2017, Buffetttold CNBCthat for people looking to build their retirement savings, diversified index funds make “the most sense practically all of the time.”

In 2012, Voyage Oil and Gas Limited were awarded an oil exploration license by the Nigerian government. Bola Shagaya’s first business experience started with importing and distributing photographic materials such as roll papers, films, and chemicals under the trading name Bolmus International Limited.

Other Notable Billionaires

Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria, among the top ten richest men and women in Nigeria, with a vast net worth of around top 5 richest people $12 billion. Below is a list of the top 10 richest men in Nigeria currently making waves in the country and the world.

top 5 richest people

The feuding continued until 2010 when the brothers settled a legal dispute over natural gas and dissolved the non-compete agreements included in the 2005 settlement. In 2013, Mukesh and Anil Ambani seemingly buried the hatchet with the first deal between subsidiaries of their respective companies, a $220 million pact to share a fiberoptic network. In a Nov. 6, 2021 tweet, Musk asked his Twitter audience whether he should sell 10% of his Tesla stock, framing the issue as a response to criticism of unrealized capital gains as a means of avoiding taxes. In contrast, Meta Platforms Inc. founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg fell out of the top 10 in February 2022, when Meta’s share price plunged after a disappointing earnings report.

Charles Gasparino

Folorunsho Alakija’s net worth has been featured on Forbes alongside influential businessmen Aliko Dangote, Mike Adenuga and Femi Otedola. In 2020, Abdul Samad Rabiu merged his privately owned Obu cement Company with Cement Co. of Northern Nigeria to maximize production and earnings. It began to construct a $900 million cement plant in Edo State, completing it in early 2015. Even though young Adbulsamad did not have much business experience, he could stir the company around for good in his father’s absence. He is married with children; the most popular of his children is Khadija Rabiu. Abdulsamad has many siblings, including Nafiu Rabiu, a prominent businessman and Rabiu Rabiu, the IRS Airlines Chairman. In 2006, Adenuga was detained for money laundering by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC. He subsequently left the country and lived in London until the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua regime granted him a pardon.

His holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, manages a portfolio of investments that include large positions in Apple stock as well as several bank stocks. Buffett has long spoken about the benefits of compound interest that have helped him accumulate his fortune. Arnault’s luxury fashion empire spans more than 70 brands, which he manages along with his siblings. As of January 2021, Tiffany & Co. was added to the panel for $15.8 billion, which was estimated to be the largest acquisition of all time in luxury fashion. Not limited to just fashion, Arnault also owns several luxury hotels and cruise lines that have only added to his wealth over the years.

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Depending on where you live, owning a home may seem like a far off dream or it could be fairly realistic. In New York City, for example, a person needs to be making at least six figures to buy a home, but in Cleveland you could do it with just over $45,000 a year. As the invasion of Ukraine presses on, it will likely have broader structural outcomes. Like Adani, Musk saw his wealth rise among the fastest, even as Tesla shares have declined over 40% since their peak in November. Despite supply chain bottlenecks, Tesla delivered a record number of vehicles globally in the first quarter of 2022. Musk, who is also CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX, plans to send the largest rocket ever built into orbit in 2022. Nowadays, 10% of the world’s population owns some form of cryptocurrency.

  • Warren Buffett is back among the richest five people in the world amid steep drops in tech stocks that are eroding the wealth of Silicon Valley executives.
  • While attending Stanford University in 1995, Page and his friend Sergey Brin came up with the idea of improving internet data extraction.
  • In February, Mr Adani, 59, was named the wealthiest person in Asia with a net worth of $88.5bn and ranked as the 10th-richest person in the world at the time, Bloomberg reported.
  • Kyrsten Sinema, the moderate senator from Arizona, reaches a deal with Democratic leadership to support the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Dozie was the General Managing Director and CEO of Diamond bank, which merged with Access Bank in 2018.

Being one of the most successful businessmen in Nigeria, Mike Adenuga has earned so much wealth increasing his net worth to become the second richest man in Nigeria. Famous Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote has been the richest man in Africa for many years with a considerable net worth. The founder of Rema 1000’s main rivals NorgesGruppen, which includes the brands Kiwi, Meny, Spar and Joker, is worth almost as much as Reitan.

Private Companies

Folorunsho is also the richest woman in Nigeria, with a net worth of $1 billion. He is currently the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the leader of country’s largest political party Pakistan Muslim League . He is just not a successful politician, but also a successful industrialist. He is the owner of Unit Group, Sharif Group and Itefaq Group which is known as the most leading business steel goods. He is the 2nd most successful politician of Pakistan and 5th richest person of Pakistan with $1.4 Billion worth.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is currently worth a staggering $8.7 billion. Person on our list of the top richest men and women in Nigeria is Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya. Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya is the 2nd richest woman to make the list of the top richest people in Nigeria. Orji Uzor Kalu is the chairman of the Daily Sun, a Nigerian daily print newspaper, a business area that has increased his net worth to become the 8th richest person in Nigeria. Because of their vast money and net worth, their business ideas have turned Nigeria into one of the largest economies in Africa. Some of these men and women have made the list of the top richest men in Africa. For 30 years, the Norwegian business magazine Kapital has published an annual list of the 400 wealthiest people in Norway.

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Ballmer owns an estimated 4% of Microsoft, making him the software giant’s largest individual shareholder. In 2014, shortly after stepping down as Microsoft CEO, Ballmer purchased the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team for $2 billion. Ambani lives with his wife, three children, and mother in a 27-story Mumbai mansion he built.

top 5 richest people

But for now, suffice to say that the following is a rigorous but highly debatable attempt to list the wealthiest historical figures in order of their economic influence. Investors have fled tech stocks in recent weeks, with the Nasdaq Composite Index tumbling 3.6% on Monday to its lowest level in almost a year. U.S. stocks overall fell the most in 17 months as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted fears of prolonged oil shortages and accelerating inflation. Emily Brand specialises in social history and romantic relationships during the long 18th century.

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