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It is observed that the regions falling in the river plains and coastal areas of India have remained the regions of larger population concentration. Even though the uses of natural resources like land and water in these regions have shown the sign of degradation, the concentration of population remains high because of an early history of human settlement and development of transport network. On the other hand, the urban regions of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Jaipur have high concentration of population due to industrial development and urbanisation drawing a large numbers of rural-urban migrants. Such an uneven spatial distribution of population in India suggests a close relationship between population and physical, socio-economic and historical factors. As far as the physical factors are concerned, it is clear that climate along with terrain and availability of water largely determines the pattern of the population distribution.

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  • A four-stage stratified area probability sample design was used in the PATH Study, with a two-phase design for sampling adults at the final stage.
  • In our case, however, these PCs were not only susceptible to bias due to the addition of Mexicans but also exhibited the exact opposite pattern observed by the primary PCs (e.g., Fig.16G–I).
  • Principal Component Analysis is a multivariate analysis that reduces the data’s dimensionality while preserving their covariance.
  • Comparisons of more than two genomes typically involve the reconstruction of their ancestry using phylogenetic methods.
  • Some of the estimation methods used are very simple, whereas others are more complex and based on modeling techniques.
  • This should be taken into account for any other anatomical site that is affected by an early detection program in the study region.

However, an experimental CF lung, which may negate some of these difficulties, has been used to study one candidate for adaptive transcriptional reprogramming, the iron-scavenging Pseudomonas haem utilization system. The increased expression of this system induced by promoter mutations was demonstrated to be advantageous to P. aeruginosa growth in the presence of haemoglobin 108. Although such experiments are challenging, they provide useful validation of the findings of observational studies. Hypertension is more commonly diagnosed in females, and a significant factor in this is a higher rate of healthcare utilisation . Hypertension is also more common among lower socio-economic groups, particularly among people with lower educational levels .

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Among the socio-economic and historical factors of distribution of population important once are evolution of settled agriculture and agricultural development, pattern of human settlement, development of transport network, industrialization and urbanization. The occupational composition of India’s population shows a large proportion of primary sector workers compared to secondary and tertiary sectors. India is an agricultural country with maximum population engaged in it as job opportunities in the other sectors are limited due to low rate of infrastructural development. Workers are declining over the last few decades from 66.85% in 1991 to 58% in 2001 leading to rise in share of tertiary sector.

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At longer evolutionary scales, the effect of purifying selection dominates the evolutionary landscape, as e rivers elementary school evidenced by a paucity of non-synonymous polymorphisms relative to synonymous polymorphisms (measured by the dN/dS ratio). However, purifying selection is expected to be weaker in within-host populations than in other populations , due to stronger genetic drift and little time available to purge slightly deleterious mutations 56. This may be a factor in the seemingly higher rate of short-term evolution observed in within-host populations since proportionally more mutations will be observed that will get purged in the longer term 8. Diversifying selection, which favours the evolution of new variants, has been found to be important in several within-host studies 57–59.

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As most of the original variability is contained in the primary two PCs, they are typically visualized on a colorful scatter plot. The early work of Cavalli-Sforza suggested that PCA can detect ancient migrations and population spreads78,79 in the genomic data. Indeed, after “exploring” 200 figures generated in this study, we obtained no a posteriori wisdom about the population structure of colors or human populations. We showed that the inferences that followed the standard interpretation in the literature were wrong. PCA is highly subjected to minor alterations in the allele frequencies (Fig.12), study design (e.g., Fig.9), or choice of markers (Fig.22) (see also Refs.57,68).

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After fitting a model of longitude and latitude that included PC1, PC2, and their interactions, samples were positioned on Europe’s map. The authors claimed that “the resulting figure bears a notable resemblance to a geographic map of Europe” and reported that, on average, 50% of samples from populations with greater than six samples were predicted within less than 400 km of their country. Most of those populations, however, were from the extreme ends of the map and were predicted most accurately because PCA maximizes the variance along the two axes.

Plotting the genetic distances against those obtained from the top two PCs shows the deviation between these two measures for each dataset. We found that all the PC projections (Fig. 6) distorted the genetic distances in unexpected ways that differ between the datasets. PCA correctly represented the genetic distances for a minority of the populations, and just like the most poorly represented populations—none were distinguishable from other populations. Moreover, populations that clustered under PCA exhibited mixed results, questioning the accuracy of PCA clusters.

Box 2: Studying The Origin Of Black Using The Primary And One Secondary Admixed Color Populations

Unprecedented changes are occurring worldwide as fertility and mortality rates decline in most countries and as populations age. These changes affect individuals, families, governments, and private-sector organizations as they seek to answer questions related to health care, housing, social security, work and retirement, caregiving, and the burden of disease and disability. This research study analyzed one of the most frequently used methods for estimating cancer incidence data worldwide .