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This dog is from the Shetland Islands in Scotland and was originally named the Shetland Collie. This dog is still great at herding, but is usually just a pet or is a working dog. This is a small breed from Belgium that is a type of spitz. They are sometimes called little black foxes because they are mischievous and have a lot of energy. There are certainly many animals out there that start with the letter S. You may, or may not know some of them, but it’s certainly going to be a pretty long list.

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  • Squids also have slender and stiffer body structures since it has a transparent endoskeleton made of chitin.
  • First descriptions of this breed are found in ancient manuscripts.
  • It lives in the cloud forests of the Andes, and is also known as the Andean bear.
  • Although increased protection has led to a recovery, the species is again under threat and the population is thought to be declining.
  • There are a number of different species of salmon, with well-known examples including the Atlantic salmon, Chinook salmon and Sockeye salmon.

These fish have a rather bizarre appearance, with horse-like heads and necks, upright bodies and curled tails. Scorpions are arachnids with large pincers and a segmented tail which bends forwards over the body. At the tip of a tail is a venomous stinger, which is used to kill or incapacitate the scorpion’s prey. The sting is also a means of self-defense against predators.

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Sea anemones may also look harmless , but do take note that why not look here they love feeding on small fish, mollusks, and crustaceans. I bet there will be a few new S animals that you’ll encounter on this list. This tiger is a native to the Sunda Islands of Indonesia and is the only surviving tiger population in the area.

Sand Tiger Shark

The tiger has lived in various countries throughout eastern Asia, including Korea and Mongolia. This tiger is most closely related to the Caspian tiger, which is extinct. This is a dog breed that is a crossbreed of a Poodle and an Old English Sheepdog. The dog looks as though it could be a stuffed animal and has become more popular recently. This breed can come in many sizes and colors because it is a mixed breed.

List Of Animals Beginning With S

The cilia, which come in colors such as green, violet, blue, and purple, help the creature during movement. The creature likes to live in zones ranging from intertidal zones or deeper in the Northern Hemisphere. All photos used are royalty-free, and credits are included in the Alt tag of each image.

Animals That Start With S Facts And Pictures

They might lack brain, heart, and blood, but this aquatic creature has a unique ability to regrow new limbs and even its whole body. This relative of the manatee is named after Georg Wilhelm Steller. This sea cow was a very social animal and lived in family groups. The slow animal was overhunted for fat, meat, and hide until its extinction.

Before ball pythons’ morphs became popular, Savu pythons were everywhere in the pet trade. These dogs have an eager-to-please attitude, making them sweet and happy pets. I’ve always been passionate about animals which led me to a career in training and behaviour.

Below many of the animals are links that you can follow for further information, pictures and videos. Sea dragons are marine creatures similar to sea horses that live near rocky reefs and seagrass. A male song thrush can have over 100 phrases in his repertoire of songs and can imitate pet birds, telephones and other man-made objects.

Siamangs have been badly affected by habitat loss, mainly caused by palm oil plantations. Great White SharkSharks are a group of fish in the class Chondrichthyes. Unlike nearly all other fish, seahorses swim vertically, propelling themselves along with their small fins.

This cat breed is a large breed and is the largest cat breed. Those cats directly of a serval and domestic cat tend to be more like servals and are larger. This dog breed belongs to the spitz family and was bred as a sled dog. Though this dog looks similar to the Alaskan Malamute, it is smaller.